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Trend In Ecommerce - Making the Most of Ecommerce Content

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 at 12 PM Eastern Time

About the Session

We are facing one of the worst crisis in recent times with the pandemic COVID-19 now spread across the globe. While some countries have successfully managed to emerge from the virus attack, most countries are still fighting the deadly virus. The impact of COVID-19 is far fetched. The disruption in manufacturing & supply chain, the effect of COVID-19 on economy, changes in user behaviour due to the prolonged quarantine lock-down, will all contribute to a new environment. And not to mention the repeated virus attacks expected by experts till a vaccination is discovered & circulated, which is expected to be 18 months away. Join us over a series of sessions where we bring experts from eCommerce & studio operations to share their experience, solutions that seems to work for them & the inevitable future where every company is ready for another pandemic.

We will be discussing:

  1. The impact of Corona Virus in Retail Industry
  2. A post-COVID world for Online Retail
  3. Developments in recovering countries like China
  4. How to gear up for a pandemic like COVID-19?
  5. Can photo-studio’s work from home?
  6. Adoption of Deep Technology solutions by eCommerce companies

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    Daniel Jester

    Director of Creative Production


    Kevin Delahunty

    Director of Talent and Innovation

    Straub Collaborative, Inc