Job description

AI- the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Flixstock Enterprise. Our mission: to acquire and foster exceptional talent, seek out new challenges and explore new opportunities.

To boldly go where no company has gone before!

At Flixstock, our phasers are always set to stun.

Stun the customer -with our superlative technology and services.

Stun the employee- with an energetic and productive work environment and a path for professional growth.

Stun the market- with our insights, hard work and dedication.

Get the golden future you deserve. Want to be our Sulu- Tech Lead?

For Flixstock and YOU to live long and prosper, we need to lay a course for excellence. And for that to work, we need a major Vulcan mind meld, and you need to have:

– An innovative and out-of-space approach to problem-solving

– Fast proof of concept and tech selection

– Expertise in multiple tech stack workings and full life cycle of a product- from idea to deployment to after sales services

– Cross technology and integration of High Throughput system

– Architecture design and High-level class diagram involving various components.

Your future at FlixStock is guaranteed to be filled with captains, missions and an all-new way of progress! Our warp drive is set up in 3 stages:

Cruise at Mach speed

– Every new hire gets to spend the first few weeks getting to know the crew and the existing architecture overview

– You get to choose a key component/service and redesign it to completion.

– Jog and get ready for stage 2!

Jog at Lightspeed: ( if you haven’t caught on by now – here’s a refresher- WE ARE TREKKIES FOR LIFE.)

– Get into work mode and architect a full-scale live product.

– Take ownership of the product, team, delivery- the complete works!

– We’d love to hear your innovative ideas about product development and operations!

– Audit our R&D efforts and provide valuable feedback

– It’s your time to shine- lead a project and some clients!

– Get ready for Stage 3!

Sprint at Warp speed

– A brand new mentor is assigned to take you to the next level of Product Manager

– Integrate R&D efforts with the awesome product

– Own your the whole hog- processes, products and clients

– Start mentoring the new hires!

We are looking for the next Sulu! Hands up, if you have:


● Skills: Software Architecture, Designing, Algorithms and Data Structure, Restful Services, React.JS, Angular.JS, Node.js, Java, C++, Express.JS, Groovy, Bootstrap, MYSQL, Python, SpringMVC, MongoDB, Maven, Redis, Kafka, Ansible, AWS, Micro-Services, segregated into two separate points:

  • Experience in Visio, DS & Algorithm, Distributed system.
  • Working knowledge of JAVA. JavaScript, Node JS, Angular, MySQL, Mongo.

● Experience: 7+

● Education: B.Tech Computer Science

● Location: Gurgaon

You can send your resume and GitHub profile to e-mail:

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