Biggest challenge in eCommerce industry – Product Returns

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Why customers return products?

A recent survey of 800,000 product returns across 1000 online stores revealed that 52% returns happened because of product size mismatch. Another 8% returned because they didn’t like the style!

#1 Relate

Relate your product to your customer’s lifestyle

One dollar bill or her phone, she can better visualise your bag with over 100 items from day to day use. After exhaustive research, FlixStock has developed the right items to go with every bag you have on your website. Curious what will go with that crossbody bag in your inventory?

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    #2 Visualise

    Let those beautiful images speak to her

    A picture is worth a thousand words… or more? Use our ‘Visualise’ #ScalingShot to show what that perfect bag can hold. Our trained algorithms will find the right object, size, transparency & position for the perfect image.

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      #3 Reveal

      The tote should hold her whole world

      The trendy white tote you have is for the entrepreneur in her – we know! Our research helps us identify each product of yours to its ideal user. With #ScalingShot, you can now reveal your thoughts with which you designed that beautiful bag. From a 13″ laptop to a water-bottle, use every detail in her life to sell her your bags.

      Try a Reveal shot for your bags, reduce return rates by ~30%

        #4 Style

        Everything revolves around that bag

        Every product in your store is the best, made specifically for her! Why shy away from showing it to her? Use our (Her)Style shots to show how it will look on her, or how they both will look together. Our AI generated Style shots can sell more bags

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