Garment Images to On-Model Images

FlixStock AI technology is transforming fashion e-commerce visually by creating consistent & high quality dynamic on-model images in a simple & scalable process. Perfectly suited for the online fast fashion.

    Why FlixStock?

    At FlixStock, we are simplifying on-model images of your garments with our AI powered engine. Just upload on-mannequin product images and download images of models wearing your products. Get high quality on-model catalog images at a fraction of the time and cost.

    Benefits Of Our Offerings

    Faster Time To Market

    No need to wait for model photography to list your items online. Avoid unnecessary inventory costs and missed sales opportunities on the latest trends!

    Models On Demand

    No more struggle to find models near to a remote warehouse. Easily source the best talent from anywhere in the world wherever and whenever you need it.

    Significant Cost Savings

    Model shots can be produced at a fraction of the traditional cost due to reduced labor, higher efficiency and process automation.

    Customer Testimonials

    Kent Fleming

    Director of Media Services at PureRED

    Doug Wallstorm

    Director of Media Photography at Vera Bradley