How Does It Work ?

  • It’s very simple. You send us your “apparel on mannequin” images
  • The information is processed in Cloud Studio and the images with garments on the models are returned within 30 minutes.
  • The above can be done through a program running on a web portal or via Dropbox folders.

Can I Use My Own Models ?

  • Yes of course!
  • We will help you photograph your models correctly. This information will be added to the program and will be for your exclusive use.

How Much Time Does It Take ?

  • The turnaround time can be as quick as 15 minutes and should not exceed one hour.

How Much Does It Cost ?

  • The cost will depend on the minimum commitment of images per month.
  • On average, our customers end up saving 40-70% of their photography & image processing costs

Is The Cost Per Image ?

  • Yes, the cost is per image.

Can I Use Flat Image ?

  • No, we require the image to be on a mannequin (or a model) so that the garment shape is correct.

What Kind Of Image Can I Send ? Any Restrictions On Image Formats ?

  • We accept only .jpg, .jpeg or .png, .tiff images.
  • Images are returned in any format.
  • Special arrangements can be made on customer request.

Is It Limited To Clothing ?

  • We can do accessories as well

Is The Background Of The Result Always White ?

  • A white background is our default setting.
  • Special arrangements can be made on customer request.

What Are The Restrictions On The Type Of Images That I Can Send ?

  • Images should be on a mannequin.
  • Images should be of high quality; better the quality, better the result.