Introducing Scaling Shots

E-Commerce Sizing Solution

enabling shoppers visualize

the size & purchase bags they

won’t return

“How Big is this Bag?”

Address the Most Important Pain Point in a Customer’s Online Shopping Journey

Using Flixstock’s Smart Technology,

Give Size Reference with Every Bag.

  • Flixstock provides custom sizing solution according to your brand preference.
  • Adding comparison items to make the product more relatable.
  • This helps customers visualize the size of the bag, in terms relatable to them. Answering questions like will it fit my MacBook? – By showing a MacBook in the Bag.

Fix the Sizing Issue and make your Website More Beautiful

Using our Proprietary Algorithm, we transform your Bag images to Model wearing them 

Cut the Guesswork out of Online Shopping

& Convert your Shoppers into Happy Customers

Why Flixstock?

                • Curated Solutions: Choose between Product Size Comparison with relatable products or a model wearing the bag. We provide the flexibility to choose the model, look & zoom level that suits your brand the best.
                • No Model Shoot Required. Display your products on Real Models using Flixstock’s Technology.
                • Because improving a customer’s visual experience online is the biggest challenge for online retailers.

Solve problems while Improving the bottom-line

Images Generated by FlixStock

Model Images by FlixStock