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3D - Virtual Sampling: A Need Or Necessity?

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Simon Calvert

Founder – Future Today Retail Consultancy

Raman Singh Khosla

Vice President – FlixStock

About the Session

This webinar is an amazingly insightful conversation between two industry experts, Raman Singh (VP, FlixStock) and Simon Calvert (Founder, Future Today Retail Consultancy Ltd.).

They bring a broadened perspective to the advancements of 3D/Virtual Sampling. The idea is to know what makes it a necessity in today’s era. Simon shares his perception of virtual sampling from a retailer’s point of view. They address the limitations of the conventional supply chain. The webinar emphasizes advanced solutions towards higher process-costs. You can join in to gain a brief about valuable outcomes achieved by 3D/Virtual Sampling.

Here’s an overview of what you can gather from this webinar:

  • How Companies Have Adopted 3D/Virtual Sampling Solutions?
  • Are There Any Noticeable Benefits To Conclude To?
  • How Can 3D/Virtual Sampling Ace Up The Fashion Supply Chain?
  • Does 3D/Virtual Sampling Promote Sustainability And Help Cutting On The Expenditure?
  • What Are The Common Challenges That Keep Fashion Retailers From Switching?
  • What Are The Major Business-Cost Effects Of 3D/Virtual Sampling?
  • How Is Quality Perceived Using Virtual Sampling In Comparison To Physical Sampling?