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FlixStock are experts in e-commerce product photography. We understand the impact of having high quality, consistent On-Model images has on online sales. We also understand that there are significant costs and time associated with creating these images when using traditional methods.

Our Artificial Intelligence technology map garments images onto images of  models. It allows creation of any model pose.

Our smart solution understands how fabrics and garments fit, lay and stretch. The results are practically indistiquishable from images of the same garments shot on a live model.

Traditional Model Photography Doesn't Scale

Produce high quality on model images at scale is a huge challenge for online fashion retailers, brands, and creative service agencies for a wide variety of reasons:


Delays in the photography process, creates pressure to keep your online store up to date. This can dramatically impact customer choices and ultimately sales revenue. Once the season is over, it’s over.


The most cost effective location to photograph your garments is at the distribution point. This could affect the ability to source local talent that meets the desired look for your brand.


Large-scale image production involves the deployment of an army of photographers, stylists and models. With each new deployment the ability to maintain consistency is compromised.


Once shot, the model’s pose, accessories etc. are impossible to modify. Trying new, photographic options with fresh images of old products is practically out of the question.


Outsourcing product photography to fashion hubs using traditional photography methods can increase the costs of logistics and increase production time. These all have a negative effect on online sales.


With the unpredictable arrival of products and samples it is a challenge to plan and forecast for pre-garment imaging costs.

The FlixStock Advantages

faster time to market

No need to wait for model photography to list your items online . Avoid unnecessary inventory costs and missed sales opportunities on the latest trends!

models on demand

No more struggle to find models near to a remote warehouse.. easily source the best talent from anywhere in the world wherever and whenever you need it.

higher page conversion

On-model” shots increase e-commerce page conversion vs. flat or mannequin shots, leading to higher online revenue & sales.

significant cost savings

Model shots can be produced at a fraction of the traditional cost due to reduced labor, higher efficiency and process automation.

simple image capture

Apparel shots can be taken directly by the stylist without assistance from a photographer, technician, hair stylist, makeup artist,etc.

quality & consistency

A dedicated quality control executive is assigned to each account to ensure image quality and consistency on per with traditional model photography (or higher).

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